04/29/18 - got her at 9 weeks on 7/1/18

Car ride home.

Adobe loves her.  We have to keep her from being a stalker and pouncing on Hazel when she runs in the open.

Odin has become more tolerant.  He's ok with her if she's unconscious or when he can easily move away

She's already using the dog door if she wants to follow whoever is on the other side. 

She really, really prefers going outside to potty, it's awesome!

Christopher had to fortify her pen; she kept pushing it and changing it's shape across the floor.

She's surprisingly good about the pen...cries for a little while, then settles in to her own thing.

We also got a video camera, so now of course I'm constantly watching the dogs.  We were sitting on the couch yesterday, watching her in her kennel because we didn't want to move around too much and wake her.  WHAT?? WE WERE WATCHING A MOVIE!

Adobe wondering if this is actually a good place to lay at the moment