Services & Pricing

I work at Live Oak Massage in Milton, FL Tuesdays through Saturdays with appointments as late as 5:30pm. 

We are located at 5341 Stewart Street Milton, FL 32570.  Hot towels and your choice of aroma are included with every massage. 

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Swedish / Relaxation Massage

Swedish is a classic massage that uses light to medium pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and reduce stress.  There is no focus on a particular issue or trigger points (knots).  Massage cream is used with smooth gliding strokes to facilitate an overall calm state.

$30 - 30 Minutes

$60 - 60 Minutes

$90 - 90 Minutes

$130 - 120 Minutes


Deep Tissue / Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue techniques are suited best for clients that enjoy firmer pressure and/or for significantly tight areas or injuries. This massage is also for those who also have trigger points (knots) that they wish to be addressed. Because of the slower and more targeted nature of Deep Tissue work, a 30 or 60 minute session will likely not be a full-body session.

​Sports Massage techniques vary according to timing around an event and the athlete’s goals for that particular session.

$40 - 30 Minutes

$75 - 60 Minutes

$110 - 90 Minutes

$155 - 120 Minutes


Hot Stone Add-On

With enough notice, hot stones can be added to any service. This includes 4 medium and 4 small stones.

Please add a note when you book that you'd like hot stones added.

$15 - 8 Stones